Vol 3, No 1(1995)

  1. Automorphic forms on orthogonal groups attached to quadratic extensions, Young Ho Park
  2. Stable ranks and real ranks of C*-algebras II, Sang Og Kim
  3. Some existence theorems for two variable functions on topological vector spaces, Sehie Park
  4. Basic properties of boundary cluster sets, Un Haing Choi
  5. On the semihomogeneous partial differential equations, Rakjoong Kim
  6. Nonexistence of positive solutions, June Gi Kim
  7. The g-recurrent condition imposed on the Einstein's connection, In Ho Hwang
  8. Some results of operatiors in the Class A, Han soo Kim and Hae Gyu Kim
  9. On some Fuzzy quotient groups, Hee chan Choi
  10. The nonlinear subpension bridge equation with a rotary inertia term, Q-Heung Choi, Kyeongpyo Choi and Tacksun Jung
  11. Conformal change of the torsion tenson in 6-dimensional g-unified field theory, Chung Hyun Cho and Choung Ho Shin
  12. On 4-dimensional einstein manifolds which are positively pinched, Kwan-Seok Ko
  13. Some properties of *-barrelledness, YongSung Byun
  14. Derivations of prime rings and Banach Algebras, Byung-Do Kim
  15. Some Notes on the extension of B-valued inner product, An-Hyun Kim
  16. On weak-mixing property, Yong Sun Cho and Hyun Woo Lee
  17. A study on the submanifolds of a manifold GSXn, Keumsook So and Jungmi Ko
  18. On S-identification maps, Won Keun Min
  19. Fractional ideals with prespect to finite algebraic extensions, Sang-Kyu Bahk, Gi-Ik Kim and Heung-Joon Oh
  20. Fuzzy Topology and its applications, Byoung-Moon Jun and Young-Eun Jun