Vol 3, No 2(1995)

  1. Mirimanoff's polynomial, Bernoulli numbers and Fermat quotients, Jae Moon Kim
  2. Nirenberg problems on 2-dimensional domains, Kwan-Seok Ko
  3. Some congruences for Bernoulli numbers, Han Soo Kim and Taekyun Kim
  4. Conformal change of the tensor U in 6-dimensional g-UFT , Chung Hyun Cho
  5. Strong solutions for nonlinear functional differential equations, Byoung Jae Jin
  6. The completion of some Fuzzy metric space, Hee Chan Choi
  7. Tent spaces over Lipschitz domains with approach regions, Byung-Oh Park
  8. Representations of the connection in *g-semisymmetric manifold, Phil Ung Chung
  9. The choquet $\Phi$-integral with prespect to non-monotonic Fuzzy $\Phi$-measures, Lee-Chae Jang and Joong-Sung Kwon
  10. A stydy on the algebra of P-vectors in a generalized 2-dimensional Riemannian manifold $X_2$, Jungmi Ko and Keumsook So
  11. Remarks on submanifolds of cosymplectic manifolds, Byung Hak Kim
  12. The operator and probability on a hypergroup, Myeong-Hwan Kim and Jae-Won Lee
  13. Fuzzy nearness spaces, Yong Chan Kim
  14. Some limit theorem to jump-diffusions in stochastic difference equations, Sun-Hyuk Han
  15. The weak Radon-Nikodym sets in C(K), Chun Kee park
  16. Geometric consideration of duality in multiobjective optimization with set functions, Jun Yull Lee
  17. Nonsingularity and invertibility for a commuting pair, Choon Kyung Chung and Yong Bin Choi
  18. A characterization of attractors in flows on noncompact spaces, Jong-Myong Kim and Young-Hee Kye