Vol 4, No 1(1996)

  1. A strong uniform boundedness result on $\kappa$-spaces, Min-Hyung Cho
  2. An iterative row-action method for multicommodity transportation problems, Yong Joon Ryang
  3. Examples in ergodic theory, Kyewon Koh Park and Seungseol Park
  4. Fuzzy quasicomponents , Jae Eung Kong and Sung Ki Cho
  5. Asymptotic stability of competing species, June Gi Kim
  6. On the ideal class groups of real abelian fields, Jae Moon Kim
  7. A weak solution of a nonlinear beam equation, Q.H. CHOI, K.P. CHOI, T.JUNG and C.H. HAN
  8. A note on harmonic mappings, Suk Ho Hong
  9. Perturbation and jump of a semi-Fredholm operator, Dong Hark Lee and Phil Ung Chung
  10. On fuzzy $s$-continuous functions, Won Keun Min