Vol 4, No 2 (September 1996)

  1. Iterative approximation to m-accretive operator equations in Banach spaces, Jong An Park and Yang Seob Park
  2. A characterization of mcshane integrability , Chun-Kee Park
  3. On fuzzy almost s-continuous functions, Sung Ki Cho
  4. A study on the Schur algebra of size 4, Young Kwon Song
  5. The completeness of convergent sequences space of fuzzy numbers, Hee Chan Choi
  6. Approximation and convergence of accretive operators, Young Mee Koh and Young S. Lee
  7. On fuzzy $s$-open maps, Won Keun Min
  8. A dual limit theorems in a mean-field model $^+II$: -specific free energy, Sang Ho Lee
  9. Mappings on fuzzy proximity and fuzzy uniform spaces, Yong Chan Kim
  10. Conformal change of the tensor $S_{\lambda\mu}{}^\nu$ for the second category in 6-dimensional $g$-UFT, Chung Hyun Cho
  11. On quasi-fuzzy H-closed space and convergence, Yoon Kyo-Chil and Myung Jae-Duek
  12. Penalized Navier--Stokes equations with inhomogeneous boundary conditions, Hongchul Kim