Vol 5, No 2 (SEPTEMBER 1997)

  1. The equivalence of two algebaraic $K$-theories, Yongjin Song
  2. On the knotted elastic curves, Dae Seop Kweon
  3. Basic constructions for $N_f \subset M_f$,  Jung Rye Lee
  4. Harmonic little Bloch functions on the upper half-space, HeungSu Yi
  5. The weakly semi-prime ideals of $po$-$\Gamma$-semigroups, Young In Kwon and Sang Keun Lee
  6. Conformal change of the tensor $\Unlm$ for the second category in 6-dimensional $g$-UFT, Chung Hyun Cho
  7. Uniqueness of solutions for a degenerate parabolic equation with absorption, Jin Ho Lee and Seong Hee Jang
  8. A note on lifting transformation groups, Sung Ki Cho and Choon Sung Park
  9. Estimations of the generalized Reidemeister numbers, Soo Youp Ahn, Eung Bok Lee and Ki Sung Park
  10. Complex Bordism of classifying spaces of the dihedral group, Jun Sim Cha and Tai Keun Kwak
  11. Pettis integrability, Hui Lim
  12. Density of semimartingale in canonical stochastic differential equation , Jae-pill Oh
  13. Sequential compactness and semicompactness , Jae Deuk Myung and Hee Chan Choi
  14. On McShane-Stieltjes integral, Ju Han Yoon, Gwang Sik Eun, and Young Chan Lee
  15. Banach-Steinhaus properties of locally convex spaces , Cui Chengri and Songho Han