Vol 6, No 1 (FEBRUARY 1998)

  1. On the McShane-Stieltjes representable operators and nearly McShane-Stieltjes representable operators, An Jae Eun
  2. Convergence of $C-$semigroups, Young S. Lee
  3. The condition number of stiffness matrix under $p$-version of the FEM, Chang-Geun Kim and Jungho Park
  4. On optimal control of a boundary value problem, Hongchul Kim and Gye-Soo Rim
  5. Analytic Fourier-Feynman transforms on abstract Wiener space, Jae Moon Ahn and Kang Lae Lee
  6. A note on the $\theta_3(0,\tau)$, Daeyeoul Kim and Hyeong-Gon Jeon
  7. Estimations of the generalized Reidemeister numbers II, Soo Youp Ahn, Eung Bok Lee and Ki Sung Park
  8. Morse index of compact minimal surfaces, Suk Ho Hong and Ki Sung Park
  9. On Henstock Stieltjes integral, Jong sul Lim , Ju Han Yoon and Gwang Sik Eun
  10. Some properties of fuzzy quasi-uniform spaces, Yong Chan Kim and Seok Jong Lee
  11. Fuzzy $r$-semicontinuous, $r$-semiopen and $r$-semiclosed maps, Seok Jong Lee, Seung On Lee and Eun Pyo Lee
  12. On the growth of entire functions with applications to linear differential equations, Ki-Ho Kwon and Jeong-Heon Kim