Vol 7, No 1(FEBRUARY 1999)

  1. Some characterizations of Krull domains, Gyu Whan Chang
  2. On the regularity and the holomorphical regularity , Dong Hark Lee
  3. Smooth fuzzy closure and topological spaces, Yong Chan Kim
  4. An analysis of the chimney wall, Young-Kyun Yang
  5. The domination number of an oriented tree, Changwoo Lee
  6. Invariants with respect to all admissible polar topologis, Min-Hyung Cho and Hong Taek Hwang
  7. On bipartite tournament matrices, Youngmee Koh and Sangwook Ree
  8. Sparse orthogonal matrices b weaving, Gi-Sang Cheon
  9. Index and stable rank of $C^*$-algebras, Sang Og Kim
  10. Holomorphic principle line bundles over complex groups, Kwang Ho Shon, Su Mi Kwon and Chul Joong Kang
  11. The theory and applications of second-order differential subordinations , Jun Rak Lee
  12. Group actions on Kac algebras, Jung Rye Lee
  13. Quasiretract topologica semigroups, Won Kyun Jeong
  14. On m-open mappings, Won Keun Min and Hong Soon Chang
  15. Weak compactness and extremal structure in $L^p(\mu, X)$ , Chun-Kee Park
  16. On the extended Jiang subgroup of the fundamental group, Song-ho Han