Vol 7, No 2(SEPTEMBER 1999)

  1. One-dimensional parabolic $p-$Laplacian equation, Youngsang Ko
  2. Properties of the Reidemeister numbers on transformation groups, Soo Youp Ahn and In Jae Chung
  3. Zeta functions and coefficients of an asymptotic expansion of $logDet$ for elliptic operators with parameter on compact manifolds, Yoonweon Lee
  4. $t$-linked overrings of a Noetherian domain, Gyu-Whan Chang
  5. The existence of solutions of a nonlinear parabolic equation with nonlinearities crossing eigenvalues, Q-Heung Choi and Zheng-Guo Jin
  6. $L_p$ Fourier-Feynman Transforms and Convolution,  Jae Moon Ahn
  7. Conformal change of the tensor $U^\nu{}_{\lambda\mu}$ in 5-dimensional $g$-UFT, Chung Hyun Cho
  8. A lower estimate of the Banach-Mazur distances on the Quasi-normed spaces, JeongHeung Kang
  9. A note on simple singular GP-injective modules, Sang Bok Nam
  10. Convergence of exponentially bounded $C-$semigroups, Young S. Lee
  11. On the ideal class groups of $\Bbb Z_p$-extensions over real abelian fields Jae Moon Kim, Ja Do Ryu
  12. On the nonholonomic frames in a generalized 2-dimensional Riemannian manifold $X_2$, Jung Mi Ko
  13. Numerical solutions for models of linear elasticity using first-order system least squares, Chang-Ock Lee
  14. Toeplitz operators on harmonic Bergman functions on half-spaces, HeungSu Yi
  15. Orthogonal groups of quaternion algebras, Young Ho Park
  16. Total curvature for some minimal surfaces, Sook Heui Jun
  17. Notes on maximal commutative subalgebras of 14 by 14 matrices, Youngkwon Song
  18. On the Curie-Weiss model with a new Hamiltonian, Sang Ho Lee
  19. On m-sets, Song Ho Han, Won Keun Min, Hong Soon Chang
  20. A new metric on space of fuzzy sets, Sang Yeol Joo and Yun Kyong Kim