Vol 1, No 1(1993)

  1. Certain one relator conjugacy separable groups, Goansu Kim
  2. The Mann interative process for quasi-contractive maps in uniformly smooth Banach spaces, Kyung Seok Yun and Jong An Park
  3. Non-Characteristic Cauchy problem for a parabolic equation, Rakjoong Kim
  4. Cohen-Macaulay property of graded rings associated to equimultiple ideals , Mee-Kyung Kim
  5. On n-root compact hypergroup, Myeong-Hwan Kim and Jae-Won Lee
  6. On Fuzzy supra spaces, Won Keun Min
  7. An completion of spaces of Fuzzy random varibles, Yun Kyong Kim and Byoung Moon Kil
  8. A note on extension of stability of harmonic maps, Dong Gweon Chung
  9. Weak duality in multiobjective optimization with set functions, Jun Yull Lee
  10. An extended Jiang subgroup and its representation, Moo Ha Woo and Song Ho Han
  11. A study on the prime module, Soung Chul Lee
  12. C-tolerace stability of dynamical systems, Jong-Myung Kim and Young-Hee Kye
  13. Einstein-Hermite 계량에 관한 연구, 박기성